1 What are the opening times for drop off and pick up?

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri 07:30-09:30 and 16:00-18:00

Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holidays 10:00-11:00 and 16:00-17:00

2 How do I book a trial?

Visit this page to find out how A trial works and then click book a trial to access the form. Please fill this in with as much detail as possible. We aim to respond within two working days.  Once your form has been assessed, if we feel we are an appropriate setting for your dog we will invite you in for a Meet & Greet and 90-minute trial period for your dog (please see the trial page for info).

3 What services do you offer?

Daycare – drop off between 07:30-09:30 and collect between 16:00-18:00.  Your dog will be integrated into a group and rotate activities between 90 minutes play time and 90 minutes down time in a kennel or rest area. Dogs are personality matched into the most suitable friendship group for them, this is subject to change depending on varying factors each day.

Boarding – while boarding with us overnight, your dog will stay in a tiled kennel with underfloor heating, a bowl of water and a noodle mat to lie on. Dogs boarding with us join the daycare groups during the day until the final day when collection must be made by 09:30 unless previously booked and paid for.

4 Who is the membership for?

Daycare dogs are invited and encouraged to join our membership program if they have a set number of days required each week. It offers a reduced rate on bookings with the membership plus giving the security of knowing your dog has guaranteed daycare. By having a membership, we can regulate the numbers of dogs on-site to stay within our allocation from the council and uphold our licence. We work towards a ratio of 1 handler to 8 dogs and by knowing how many dogs we have coming in each day; we can ensure we have the right number of staff on site.

5 Can I cancel daycare days under the membership?

You cannot cancel days, but you can reschedule to use those days within the same month, retaining the lower rate, pending availability.  Daycare members have up until the 15th of each upcoming month to request any changes when the ad hoc clients are then able to request their days from the 16th onwards.

6 How do I pay for daycare?

Payment is to be made by the last day of each month before daycare commences for the new month.  Much like a gym membership, you pay in advance of your bookings.  This eliminates client no-shows and cancellations. Cancellation of membership requires 30 days notice in which time you are liable for your usual daycare membership booking and is required in writing.

7 Why choose Red Lodge Canine Country Club Ltd?

Red Lodge Canine Country Club is like no other boarding or daycare facility as we offer both services.  When your dog comes to stay with us overnight, they are integrated into the daycare groups for 90 minutes of play followed by 90 minutes of rest, generally repeated approximately twice throughout the day.  Dogs receive love and care from our experienced handlers who treat all dogs as their own. Daycare dogs can play in a safe and secure environment while making friends and receiving love and affection from our handlers.  We also post regular photos on social media so you can see your dog having fun.  We are set on four acres of farmland with the facilities broken up into sections meaning your dog can enjoy the variety of the space as well as our many obstacles and the play equipment peppered in each area.

8 Will you train my dog?

As a daycare and boarding facility, we do not provide training for your dog and expect a basic level of interaction on entry.  We follow a four-step trial process to ensure we are the right facility for your dog and monitor closely any behavioural changes within group or towards handlers which we will feed back to you on collection. During group time, dogs are encouraged to use good ‘manners’ towards other dogs. Dogs are also encouraged to learn games and tricks, but this is part of enrichment and not to be considered as part of their training.

9 Will my dog get dirty?

Yes. We are predominantly on fields of grass and with the great British weather, at least 80% of the year the ground is wet. We advise carrying a towel in the car for pick up and investing in a cover to protect your boot or backseat. Much like young children, a dirty dog is usually a happy dog! Your understanding on muddy paws is appreciated.

10 Will my dog be ok in kennels?

This question is exactly why we have a four-step trial process. The happiness and well-being of your dog is our priority and as such, we do not accept every dog who comes in for a trial.  Leaving your dog with us is a huge responsibility which we take very seriously.  The amount of training and ongoing professional development we invest in is not visible to the naked eye but is constant within our team and we all strive to do our very best by every dog who comes into our care.  We know and understand how hard it is to leave your dog and make it our life’s work to ensure we look after all dogs as if they were our own.  The handlers know the dogs inside out and back to front.  They know the dogs likes and dislikes, friends and foes. Come rain or shine, all handlers on site are 100% committed to do their very best for each dog staying with us.

11 Do you provide bedding for my dog?

Yes, we do.  We ask for dogs not to bring in their own bedding. We provide dogs with a noodle mat overnight and have raised and plastic beds for those who need them. In a busy kennel environment, the less belongings that are brought in with the dog, the better as this gives scope for items from home to be lost or become dirty. No responsibility is taken for owner’s bedding, toys, bones, chews or bedding that is used on the premises. You accept that such items could be dangerous such as a potential choking hazard and understand that dogs are not always individually supervised.

12 Do you provide food for my dog?

We do not provide daily food for your dog. We ask that you please bring the correct amount of food for your dog (their usual diet), clearly marked and pre-portioned with your dog’s name and times and days to be given (AM and PM will suffice).  Please provide a minimum of one extra portion of food in case of emergency.

13 What are the drop off and pick up times on Bank Holidays?

We are closed for drop off and pick up on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and Easter Sunday.  All other bank holidays have weekend opening hours of 10:00-11:00 and 16:00-17:00.

14 How far in advance do I need to book ad-hoc days?

Our ad-hoc booking system allows you to request days from the 16th of the month for the following month. We require a minimum of 48 hours (two working days) notice for ad-hoc booking requests.  Our admin team monitor emails and messages Monday to Friday 09:30-12:30 and our estimated response time is 2 working days.  The email, phone and booking system is not manned at weekends, all enquiries submitted during this time will be dealt with in order on our return on Monday with an estimated response time of 2 working days.

15 Do I stay with my dog during their trial?

You are not required to stay with your dog during their trial.  On arrival, our team will talk you through how the trial works and what the dog will experience during their time with us, what we are looking for and how we will proceed.  You will be given a time to collect your dog (approximately 90 minutes) where our team will provide feedback on your dogs time with us.

16 What if my dog hurts him/herself at daycare?

Much like when children go to nursery/school, accidents can happen.  When dogs are in play mode, they will sometimes scuff an ear or tear a nail.  This is normal behaviour for dogs, all Senior Handlers are first aid trained and closely monitor play within groups.  Dogs are regularly checked over and anything out of the ordinary is logged with the Team Leader and if necessary, owners will be contacted. You accept that your dog may become injured or unwell when using our services and we recommend that you arrange your own insurance if not already in place as we do not accept responsibility nor will make payment for any treatment whatsoever for any injury or illness.

17 How do I request Daycare or Boarding?

We use a system called Pet Sitter Plus which allows you to log in and request the service you require.  This then comes to our admin team who aim to respond within 2 working days.  Membership dogs have until the 15th of the month to request any daycare changes for the upcoming month, ad-hoc clients are then able to request their days from the 16th of the month.  The system is where all client information is kept, we require all information to be kept up to date, contact information, emergency contact information, vaccination records, medication, and any behavioural changes.


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