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Thinking about Day Care?

Managing your bookings at Red Lodge Canine Country Club is a breeze. With exclusive access to our client portal, you can make requests, view and update your information, and access past and present invoices. We offer secure card payment options for your convenience.

Before your dog joins our day care program, we offer an exclusive four step trial process to ensure we are the right facility for your dog. During this time, we conduct a behaviour assessment to tailor a program that suits your dog’s individual needs. This ensures a relaxed and happy experience for both you and your dog. 

90 minute trial with our handlers

All new dogs and/or dogs who have not been to us for 12 months of more are invited in for a 90 minute trial to ensure we are the right facility for your them. We observe your dog’s behaviour towards humans; use of a lead, temperament, and confidence in their surroundings.  Once we feel comfortable your dog is calm and happy, we slowly introduce some dogs, one at a time, building up to a small group where appropriate with the end goal being to integrate your dog into full group. 

30 minute Kennel trial

Once we have introduced your dog to some new friends and they have had a play, we then trial them into a kennel for approximately 30 minutes, again to ensure we are the right facility for your dog. 

We ask pawrents to leave their dogs with us for the full 90 minutes as this enables us to monitor behaviours as they would be when left with us for day care.  When you come to collect, we will give you a full report of our observations and hopefully you will see for yourself that your dog has had fun and can’t wait to come back again soon. 

A half day, a full day and an overnight

We then require a half day, a full day and an overnight booking to be taken within a month of the 90 minute trial session so we can do a full assessment and ensure we are the right facility for your dog.

During these visits you will also have the opportunity to meet our dedicated team, giving you peace of mind knowing that your dog is in the best possible care.

Day care is not for everyone

If we feel we are not the right facility for your furbaby, we will explain our reasons why but hope you will understand that we do not take these decisions lightly and will only take new dog clients if we feel your dog will be happy with us.  Day care is not for everyone.  It is busy and loud and with doggo friends that are full on all the time.  With this in mind, we carefully personality match dogs for their groups but if we still feel it is too overwhelming for your dog, we will always let you know.  We would much rather your dog was happy and in the right environment for them. 

Arrange A Day Care Trial

Contact us to arrange a day care trial for your dog. Our Senior Handlers can assess your dog and see how it gets on. Assessments are done by our team Monday- Friday by arrangement only.

Our policy is that your dog is up to date with the annual boosters but having the Kennel Cough vaccine is not essential, if you choose to have this it must be at least 2 weeks before using our services. Vaccination card is required on appointment.



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