Trial FAQ

Why does my dog need a trial?

While this environment can be a fun, exciting and positive experience for many dogs, there may be times where we are not the right fit for your dog and their needs. During the trial we aim to assess how well your dog reacts to the environment, how well they mix in group with other dogs, how they respond to different handlers, and how well they settle in their kennel. Our primary goal is for your dog to be happy, and comfortable while staying with us.

What happens during a trial?

 Before booking our day care and boarding services, a 90 minute trial session is required to ensure we are the right environment for your dog. We will get some details from you in reception, and then take your dog through for the trial. We will let your dog explore and settle into the play area, then gradually introduce dogs of varying breeds, sizes, and characters. After one hour of socialisation, we will put them in a kennel for a period of 30 minutes for a rest. Upon collection, we will feedback to you how your dog got on during the trial.

What do I need to bring to the trial?

Please bring with you their vaccination records and arrive 10 minutes earlier to allow us to get some details from you. In order to go ahead with the trial, their vaccinations must be up to date. Your dog is also required to always wear a quick release collar while they are with us.

How much does a trial cost?

Price for a trial is £20.00 for 1x dog and £30.00 for 2x dogs at the same time.

What are the reasons why my dog’s trial may be unsuccessful?

While our aim is to get your dog into a full group of dogs, and to settle in their kennel, this environment is not always suitable for every dog that comes through our doors. The welfare of your dog, other dogs and our handlers is of top priority to us, therefore we may choose to turn your dog away if they show any signs of the following:

  • Stress, and/or fear towards the environment, handlers, or other dogs,
  • Stressed and/or does not settle in their kennel,
  • Separation anxiety,
  • Aggression towards other dogs and guarding behaviours
  • Unable to integrate in to full group

*We do not accept entire male dogs over the age of 1 year.

*We do not accept any dogs that are not able to be socialised with other dogs.

*Your dog must be fully vaccinated to enter our establishment. While the kennel cough vaccine is optional, please do not bring your dog into our facilities for 14 days following its administration. 

We look forward to meeting you and your pooch very soon.

Arrange A Day-Care Trial

Contact us to arrange a day-care trial for your dog. Our behaviourist can assess your dog and see how it gets on. Assessments are done by our behaviourist team Monday- Friday by arrangement only.

Our policy is that your dog is up to date with the annual boosters but having the Kennel Cough vaccine is not essential, if you choose to have this it must be at least 2 weeks before using our services. Vaccination card is required on appointment.



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